Hospitality Expert - Work Based studies, Waiter / Waitress, Perho

Hospitality Expert - Work Based studies, Waiter / Waitress, Perho (5 kpl)

Hospitality Expert - Work Based studies, Waiter / Waitress, Perho (5 kpl)
Sijainti: Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa
Haku alkaa: 11.01.2023 10:00
Haku päättyy: 31.12.2023 18:00
Työn kesto: According to agreement, yli 12 kuukautta
Työaika: Kokopäivätyö (According to agreement)
Työ alkaa: 22.03.2022

Are you a foreigner living in Finland? Do you currently work in a restaurant or have been working in a restaurant before at least for one year? Do you want to top-up your experience and increase your employment market value in Finland?

We are looking for WAITERS/WAITRESSES willing to study the official nationally approved vocational qualification in a fully work-based study program. The qualification is issued by Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College Ltd, which is recognized as one of the most highly considered vocational colleges in Finland.

Entry requirements:

You are a foreigner living in Finland You have sufficient level of English language skills You do not have vocational qualification yet in any field You are currently working in a restaurant or have prior experience from working in restaurants at least for one year

Perho's web page: and more information about work based studies:

Leave your application via this link and we will be in touch with you shortly:

Additional information:Juuso Puustinen045 633


1. Is the work during studies paid?

- Yes, the work is paid normally.

2. Why to apply, if I already have a job?

- The vocational qualification shows the employers that you're a professional here in Finland and hence increase your market value in the eyes of employers. It's an investment for the future.

3. When do the studies start?

- The next time to start studies is: Continuous Admission